Pandora IOSS uses careful planning to offer its customers tailored solutions, helping them find the most suitable products for their architectural projects, budget the project, and design the draft project.

Employing accurate production planning techniques through on-site surveys performed at the pre-manufacturing stage, it covers all development and production bases to ensure the entire process runs smoothly from design to assembly. 


Pandora IOSS can develop tailored and customized products addressing the unique needs of its customers. The prototype manufacturing of a conceptual product helps us identify potential design weaknesses, paving the way for an accurate production process. 


Pandora IOSS has a 2000m2 production facility equipped with the latest technology. We manufacture the finest quality and most suitable products for our customers with our experienced team.

Pandora IOSS offers its customers services such as illumination and digital printing, as well as processing of raw materials, such as metal, wood, acrylic, rowmark, foil and vinyl.


Pandora IOSS ensures that all assembly processes run seamlessly by working in close collaboration with its business partners and its own team of experts for product assembly projects, while also keeping customers in the loop to best meet their requirements.


Pandora IOSS provides maintenance services for its products to ensure its customers receive service continuity. Our customers enjoy well-organized, efficient after-sales services, a privilege which only few other companies are able to offer.